Full lecture by Christian Grace from the London Underground Event hosted and filmed by @Studio52 including Bonus Jam Session footage.

In this lecture you will learn the methods behind 3 unpublished and exclusive killer tricks. You will receive the performances followed by the full explanations.

Double Impossible Card Location – Divine two cards secretly looked at despite impossible and fair conditions.

The Bet 2.0 – An update on a classic of mine: A card is looked at and the performer places out four cards, none of which are the selected card. All four cards transform into the matching four of a kind without using a switch.

Yours is the Word – The trick that (nearly) got me disqualified from my Magic Circle Entry Exam as the judges assumed I was using a stooge… After I tipped the method they offered an apology and awarded me AIMC (Associate to the Inner Magic Circle)

BONUS – Jam Session Included – A Bonus video including lots of silly banter around a card table between Ben Earl, Jack Tighe, Steven Bridges, Luke Oseland and yours truly! Over an hour of additional content included!

***Please note that this lecture gives you the explanations to the methods of the tricks. You will have to source or make your own simple props if you wish to perform them as presented here***


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