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THREE mind-blowing routines from the minds of David Jonathan & Nikolas Mavresis. No sleight of hand. Easy to do. You’ll even fool yourself as you perform.

“Sumology is what you get when two very clever brains join forces! A great principle that creates some of the most amazing and hands-off practical workers!”

– Titanas

“Nikolas & David hit gold again with not just one or two, but THREE amazing effects. Each one is brilliant, the methods are fantastic and its all taught so clearly. Love it!”

- Wayne Goodman

”I absolutely love all the different presentations! Hats off to David & Nikolas for their out of the box thinking.”

– Vinny Sagoo

“The effects in Sumology are strong, really fooling and for the most part are done hands-off. The methods are very well thought out as well… there is no way it can be reconstructed and it really looks impossible.”

– Nique Tan

Sumology is a compilation of THREE incredible effects from David Jonathan & Nikolas Mavresis.

These routines utilize an old principle that’s been completely reimagined in very unique, new ways.

All the effects are very easy to perform and do not rely on any gimmicks or gaffs – the clever principles take care of all the hard work for you!

    An impossibly clean, hands-off effect that combines elements of CAAN with an open prediction that will fool and amaze you! A shuffled deck is given to your participant, who is in complete control of every decision, yet despite this freedom your prediction is always bang on. It seems impossible, but the multi-layered foolproof methods are 100% surefire!
  • Strange Dice
    A fantastic match up style effect with flash cards that takes the premise to new heights and delivers a shocking surprise finale! You will absolutely love this baffling, self-working gem!
  • Feeling Lucky
    Most people use playing cards to play games, gamblers use them to try to win money and magicians to do tricks… this fantastic routine combines all three in a way that will surprise, amuse and completely amaze you! It’s such a fun premise that grabs their attention right away and never lets go until the humorous final revelation.

Watch the full performances of all the routines, then download the project to uncover the mystifying secrets!

Note: The tutorial features over 1.5 hours of detailed video instruction from both David and Nikolas, plus you will receive a PDF with artwork and templates to get you started right away!


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