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Stylo is a collection of original card and coin magic from my home country of Singapore. Along with my talented friends Avi Yap, Yu Huihang and Ryan Goh, we have each contributed two effects to this project, resulting in a book containing eight of our proudest creations to date.

Each routine in Stylo is described in painstaking detail with 86 pages and 100 gorgeous black-and-white photographs. Stylo focuses on close-up magic done with cards and coins, with a good mix of tricks involving pure sleight-of-hand and gimmicks so that there is something for everyone, including you!

Printed on high quality paper stock and featuring a beautiful minimalistic cover design by local artist, Stylo is my way of showcasing the best of modern Singaporean magic.

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Table of Contents

From Avi Yap:

  • Monarch: Avi’s signature Matrix routine that has made his reputation around the world.

  • Three Coin Monte: The classic con done entirely in the hands with three different coins and multiple moments of magic.

    From Yu Huihang:

  • Matrix in China: Starts like any Matrix effect, but with an ending that no one will ever see coming.

  • Co-Inky-Dink: A coincidence effect in which both your and the spectator’s freely chosen card impossibly match.

    From Ryan Goh:

  • Big Brain: Ryan’s take on the classic Brainwave Deck effect.

  • Double Thot: You find the spectator’s card, and somehow the spectator also manages to find your card. Memorised deck practitioners will love this!

    From Harapan Ong:

  • T.P.B. Production: A fancy way of producing the four Aces on the table in an elegant explosion.

  • Solvedzinser: My original take on the classic Hofzinser Ace Problem. This is literally one of my favourite creations, and I know you will love it.


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