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“One of the best downloads of the year!” – Craig Petty

“Super visual AND super practical. If you’re a performer it’s a MUST BUY!” – Mark Elsdon

“Takes an already stunning classic into new territory.” – Nick Einhorn

“GENIUS – what a brilliant touch to add to a classic beautiful routine” – Peter Nardi

“This effect is a REAL worker, trust me it’s a REAL gem” – Etienne Pradier


“…one of the best downloads of the year….I LOVE this trick…        I genuinely believe this is the best £14.99 you can spend in magic right now”” – Craig Petty

“Very very magical and very easy to do….you can perform this walkaround strolling from table to table….it can be seen very easily and very clearly by everyone on the table….a wonderful effect and an absolute worker” – Matthew Wright


What You Get

You get a 31 minute instructional video teaching you how to do ‘Signed Cards In Glass’. All you need are some cards (plus something you already have or can very easily make), a sharpie, a silk, napkin or hankie and a wine glass that your pack of cards can fit into easily.

This very direct and incredibly simple effect is within the grasp of all but the very beginner, even then, like all magic, you will still need to practice to create magic rather than just do a ‘trick’.

The Effect as seen by the spectators

A pack of cards is shuffled and a card is chosen by the first spectator, it is signed and lost in the middle of the deck, then a second card is chosen by a second spectator, signed then returned and also lost in the middle of the deck. The deck is then placed (back of the deck facing the audience, ie showing the card on the back of the deck) into a wine glass. The magician picks up the glass by the stem in one hand and with the other hand he drapes a napkin or silk over the entire glass. Slowly the napkin or silk is pulled off the wine glass to reveal that the first signed card has jumped to the front of the pack and the face of the card and signature can clearly be seen. Cleanly that card is removed and placed at the back of the pack (ie onto the top of the deck) and the process is repeated with the second signed card appearing to have jumped also. See the video trailer below to illustrate what the spectators see at the two finales.

Video Instruction Content

Not only does magic creator and performer Jasper Blakeley teach the effect, he also gives invaluable tips and hints on all aspects of performance – all presented in HD quality from his venue, The Small Space, The World’s Smallest Magic Theatre. Whilst the explanation footage is filmed with a well lit fixed HD camera, the three featured live performances are recorded descreetly, but very clearly, on a mobile phone.

Jasper is a Real World Performer and is fortunate to perform his current 90 minute comedy magic and mind-reading show, ‘Bamboozle’, twice a week at his theatre. This is a tried and tested effect that (when performed after a little practice), can repeatedly bring gasps and applause – never underestimate the beauty and magical strength of what appears so simple.

“Stunningly visual and easy to do, perfect for close-up and parlour shows” – Gary Jones


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