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Ellusionist produced this for Zee… BUT EVEN THEY DON’T HAVE IT YET!

As one of the perks of being an awesome subscriber here, you get to have early access to a project that hasn’t even hit the market!

Zee was always uneasy about sharing the routines he performs in real-life with other magicians because he was selfishly keeping all the good stuff to himself… until now!

A project packed with practical routines and fascinating methods.


Worker Z by Zee J. Yan

10 techniques/tips and 11 routines, over 2 hours of training, a $50 project with a hefty discount, and a SCHWIFTY free bonus…

When you take secure my offer today here’s what you can expect to receive:

Worker Z: A Project Full of Easy & Practical Routines

Whenever Zee shares new projects, the biggest question for most magicians is how difficult are the materials.

The reason materials from Worker Z became favorites of those who attended Zee’s lectures is that they are SUPER EASY!

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert of sleight of hand. You will find yourself performing materials from Worker Z the next day of watching it.

The best part is, you can even fool magicians with what you have in your hands.

In Worker Z, you will learn:
– A switch inspired by Slydini that allows you to switch ANYTHING that fits in your hand

– 2 multi-phase Triumphs that Zee selfishly held to himself for over 5 years

– 3 versions of Ambitious Card Routines that feel like real magic rather than magic tricks

– 3 versions of 3 Coins Across that are theoretically correct

– 10 Techniques/Tips that are super practical and easy

– The weirdest routine from Worker Z would be… Turn a piece of plastic into spectator’s thought of card!

List of Contents:
– Sly Switch
– Tappy Steal V. 1
– Tappy Steal V. 2
– Bush Steal
– ROPS Move by Michael Rubinstein with Zee’s touch
– ROPZ Move
– The Last Vanish
– Table Tilt
– Bluff Pass Tips
– Half-Packet-Mid-Air-Switch

– Air Triumph
– B Triumph – Plastic Card – 3 Coins Across V. 1 – 3 Coins Across V. 2 – 3 Coins Across V. 3 – Ambitious Card Sit-Down – Ambitious Card Stand-up – Ambitious Card A.O.E – Sly Switch Application 1 – Sly Switch Application 2

Your FREE Bonus – Randolph Palm: A Palm That Never Flashes (Normally Sells for $9)

Randolph Palm allows you to palm any amount of cards as you close the spread!

Randolph Palm Full Trailer

Randolph Palm project is much more than ‘just a palm’. You will learn:

– Randolph Palm v1

– Randolph Palm v2

– Clap Palm Transfer

– Randolph Transpo

– Zee’s tips on DMB spread control

Randolph Palm is normally $9 and Worker Z is originally $50…

…but getting both of them is going to be only $4.99 for 1 week only!

Get Worker Z now to save $45 & get Randolph Palm for FREE

…there’s only one catch when it comes to all this—this offer will ONLY be available for the next 5 days.

That means, after these 5 days, if you want to get your hands on any of the projects outlined above, you’ll have to buy them at full price.

There’s a reason for that:

  1. This deal is LITERALLY breaking my bank, so once I’ve proved my point – I’m out.
  2. I want you to make a decision, no-one likes having a nag in the back of their mind, so I’ll make it easy for you: either you buy in the next 5 days or you don’t.

Sounds good? Let’s recap…

If you secure my BANK BREAKING offer today you’ll get:

– $59 worth of magic.

– 2 Full projects produced by Ellusionist

– 10 Sleights and Tips

– 11 Effects/Routines

– Over 2 hours of training…

– …and a crazy FREE bonus


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