Fraser Parker - Mentalism Fundamentals (Video Download)

For the first time, Fraser shares, his unique side ways thinking of many of the classic principles of Mentalism.

In this video Fraser discusses his unique sideways approach to many of the classic techniques of Mentalism, covering his use of the centre tear within a close up environment under the guise of a challenge situation – explaining his Now Show principle, where thoughts are seemingly pulled out of a participant’s mind, without any visible compromise or drawn out process.

His answer to Pocket Writing he refers to as No Pocket Writing, Pocket Writing – where he teaches how to seemingly predict in advance, thoughts and details about his spectators, seemingly long in advance of meeting them – everything is hidden in plain sight and performed out in the open, with no actual pocket writing needing to take place.

Thoughts on Sound Reading and his never before released Mental Sound Reading principle, applied to ESP symbols. The spectator simply imagines drawing their symbol and the performer can instantly divine which symbol they are focusing on, or use it to get one ahead in a card matching ESP routine. This is even repeatable for the same group of spectators.

His use for billet switching and ingenious way of dealing with the spectator being left with a dummy billet when using switching in a Pre/ Now Show context – where he leaves them with a beautiful sentiment, written within a folded billet – they are instructed to not read until long after the show and only when they feel the time is right, to do so.

Thoughts on the one ahead principle including a performance and teaching of the King’s card force from his and Ross Tayler’s limited edition book Second Coming – where a deck of ordinary cards are shuffled and then spread in the hands of the spectator. They think of a card and you can then effortlessly divine their thought of card, without any sleight of hand – even picking up on the fact they changed their mind and reveal both thought of cards, in the process. This is probably the cleanest and fairest looking Thought of Card routine currently available.

Also touched upon is Fraser’s way of performing psychological forces verbally with no need for physical outs – utlilizing a classic principle, in an ingenious manner, in which he never appears to fail!

Bonus material includes Peter Turner’s thoughts on Pocket Writing and a teaching of his Broken Heart Out along with advice on Sound Reading.

With over 70 mins of content and at such a low price! Fraser is giving you a very special insight into some of his lesser known work – you will not want to miss out on.

“I bought this earlier today. So far I have only watched the first 20 minutes, but WOW this is brilliant. Even the first 20 minutes has some incredible thinking and subtleties and insight.

Any mentalist, or even those interested in mentalism and mind reading stunts NEEDS this.

I am yet to finish watching, but I thought I’d stop off and post an immediate review here (The Magic Café).

Fraser’s Real Time Pre Show (Now Show) is great and I found myself chuckling when he explained it. ” – Mitchell (The Magic Café)


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