The presential workshop is finished  but it is possible to get access to  content of the sessions (recorded classes, slideshow, references…) 


This  workshop on construction in Magic, the art of choosing and structuring methods to make them as deceptive as possible. Theoretical concepts will be introduced progressively in each session. Examples and exercises will be proposed, both to work during the class and to as homework. In each class, at least one routine from my repertoire will be explained and analyzed. The seats are limited.


Each session runs for approximately 150 minutes including a 10-minute break. Q&A Closure session will be 60 – 90 minutes aprox. In the resources page there are also available slides on PDF and other references to review and firther study of the concepts and contents covered on ecah session.



  • The characteristics of magic as an artistic discipline and implications
  • Construction: choosing and structuring the secret method
  • General scheme and concepts: External Life / Internal Life
  • General principles of construction
  • The brain and false assumptions
  • False points of departure and illusions
  • Methodological analysis of an effect from the false assumption
  • Problem: Solving the method for an effect
  • Problem: Finding the effects of a method 

In depth study routine: Attention test

Required materials: Standard decks (2), coins (4), a pen / marker with a cap, Double face card (1), Double back card (1)



  • The method: concept and classifications
  • Memory: mechanisms, coding, storing and retrieving. False Memories.
  • Information management
  • Coverage: Concept and types of mechanisms
  • Further development of the principle of clarity
  • Exercise: Develop a solution for a new structure for the Chicago opener.

In depth study routine: CTC

Analysis of previous class problems: Coincidences routine

Required materials: Standard decks (1) and an odd backed card



  • Structuring the method in time
  • Causality: 3 strategies to attack it
  • Method exploitation and reserve of power
  • Distribution of difficulties
  • Formal unity
  • Representing the method in time

Exercise: Chicago Opener solutions

In depth study routine: Streamlined Cups&Balls

Material required: standard deck, cups (2), small balls (3) and big loads (2), and coins (4)



  • Analyzing the method at the level of actions
  • Concatenated movements
  • Tension and relaxation
  • Method that builds itself
  • Technique and gimmicks
  • Gimmicks focused on the effect VS the method
  • Resources that favor construction
  • Susceptibility of slow execution
  • Freer principles – unique methods
  • Multipurpose moves

In depth study routines: Coins & Cord, Intuition Poker, Twisting Transpo

Material: Deck, Double
Backer, Double Facer, Chinese coins (4) & Cord



  • Overview of the workshop and the main concepts
  • Analysis of the previous session proposed homework . 
  • Q&A



“I took his workshop series, and absolutely loved it. This is a great mixture of teaching great concepts, and applicable effects, and  the way he teaches makes you absorb the most you can. This was my favourite course ever, and I’d highly recommend it.” F.B.
“This is probably one of the best value for money offers  in the magic industry.  Pipo is an excellent teacher, host, and I learned a lot that is changing how I think about magic. I encourage you to sign up for this workshop.  You will be a better magician for your participation.” I.P.
“I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of magic and learn how to build beautifully constructed routines that will let your spectators experience real magic. Pipo has a wonderfully considered approach to his magic with strong foundations from the great masters such as Gabi, Ascanio and Tamariz. It’s clear from watching his routines how clever the construction is and Pipo does not hold back in sharing all his knowledge and strategies in this course. What’s more is that there are exercises after each session to help put the learning into practice. All of this at an extremely reasonable price – you won’t regret signing up for this!”” S.T.”
Pipo’s workshop on construction is a gem that you should not miss. Pipo classifies and orders concepts from teachers such as Gabi, Ascanio or Camilo, and adds his own concepts that are tremendously lucid and useful. Attending this workshop is synonymous with improving as a magician. You will learn to analyze and improve your magic to make it more impressive, cleaner, and more exciting. A workshop where Pipo leaves nothing behind: very interesting exercises, his most brilliant concepts and some of the best games in his repertoire. All of this they are put on the table so that the student gets the most out of this fun workshop. One of the most complete works that have ever been done on this subject. Thank you Pipo for this invaluable workshop, I have enjoyed it enormously from beginning to end “. Miguel Muñoz
“I first became aware of Pipo Villanueva after seeing a trailer for his video download Magic for the Short Sighted. I could tell this was special – thoughtful, delicate, and truly engaging. I searched out the source and purchased it immediately. It remains a favorite. I was thrilled to learn that he offered a workshop and signed up, hoping to understand how he made his magic so special. Entitled “Building the Impossible – The Craft of Splitting Reality,” the workshop seemed much more structured than the usual workshop. At most workshops and masterclasses you get to spend time with a magician who will explain their thoughts on how they developed a few effects and get help with a few moves. Pipo’s workshop is much more. It is a mini-course on the thinking found in the Spanish school of magic. I believe that for many it will be a transforming event. He delves into the theory on the construction of magic. He emphasizes techniques to make the movements that create the magic economical and invisible. Using carefully chosen effects, Pipo shows how theory can come to life. And yes, there is homework. He gives you the chance to use what you learn in a very safe environment. Pipo’s passion for magic and its history is present in his teaching and his effects. This is a rare opportunity, of which I have not seen anything similar. If unfamiliar with this thinking, you will view magic in a new way and discover your own approach to magic in a different light. Those with experience will solidify their understanding and find practical approaches for creating magic. I found what I was looking for in ways I could not have imagined. If you are serious on learning how to construct magical effects, Pipo’s workshop is not to be missed.” J.Croop


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