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Eclipse Candle – C.Y Presents


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McFly Magic has been honored to be the first to offer this release within the United States and at a cheaper rate than other magic shops.  Directly from C.Y’s Act, this is Eclipse!
Imagine, using merely your index finger or any small item (coin, silk, rose, card, etc), you magically change the color of the candle from red to white in slow motion!  Stage and close-up candles are supplied.  If you use the stage candle, if you wish, it can then be removed from the candle holder and vanish in slow motion!  Also included are ideas for the candle vanishing with a smoke effect, silk penetration, dove appearance, candle vanishing behind a card spread, and more!  Your mind is the limit!
Candle can be made to change color via remote or alternatively by simply using the button on the candle holder itself!
Very detailed instructions and incredibly refreshing to see such a quality piece.  Eclipse will completely harmonize with your magic regardless of whether you perform on stage, close-up, or even virtually!

If you want to perform breathtaking and beautiful magic, Eclipse is a must-have!  Check out the video for many ideas and inspiration of what is possible.
The Eclipse package includes:

  • Eclipse Gimmick
  • Remote Control
  • White stage Vanishing Candle
  • White close-up candle
  • Table Holder
  • Charger line
  • Detailed video instructions including numerous other ideas not in the magic product trailer.
Please note, the original trailer video of this effect presented a slow motion close-up candle vanish presentation at the very beginning of the video.  McFly Magic edited that portion out of the original video before we offered the effect to the public as that particular close-up vanish sequence is not included.  However, a close-up candle as well as stage candle are included for the color change sequence.  Please do not hesitate sending inquiries regarding this release to [email protected].
Here is what people are saying…
“I love magic with candles… but ECLIPSE is for me like real magic… and when you know how it works you will love more and more.”   – Juan Mayoral
“C.Y’s Act is beautiful, elegant and original.”  – Lance Burton
“C.Y’s magic is truly beautiful AND unique.”  – Jeki Yoo


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