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Daniel Prado – Masterclass Live Week 3


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Brazilian Magician Daniel Prado is a perennial student of magic that has…

Brazilian Magician Daniel Prado is a perennial student of magic that has dedicated his life to creating moments of “real” magic. Magical experiences that leave no other explanation for the audience other than they just witnessed the impossible. This endless pursuit of excellence has led him to create some of the most powerful effects we’ve ever seen.

An accomplished sleight of hand artist and thinker, Daniel carefully crafts every detail of his magic. He believes there is so much more to our art than simply a display of special skills. Everything he does is part of his larger goal to help evolve the art of magic.

Join us for an incredible Vanishing Inc. Masterclass featuring two 90-minute lectures filled with original magic and thought-provoking theory that will help you make your magic more personal and unique. This will be followed by the always popular live Q&A in week 3.

You can purchase the “Daniel Prado Masterclass” separately. Or save big by subscribing to VI Monthly and also get immediate access to a huge streaming tutorial library, and free or discounted shipping on every order, for less than the cost of the Masterclass alone.

Week Three – February 19, 2023 (4pm ET / NYC Time)

Daniel will welcome magicians into a live Q&A on Zoom where you can ask any questions you have


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