The classic magic of “color vision”, this magic must have been seen by countless spectators.
Inside the small box is a cube with six colored faces (dots) drawn on it.
The magician can see at a glance which side is facing up without looking inside the box.

Invented by Martin Sunshine in the 1930s (also the inventor of Centertier), it was an invention nearly 100 years ago and has won two awards for its invention.

It may be said that it is a masterpiece among masterpieces.

Because it is an extremely simple and original principle, it is loved by many mentalists and magicians, including Mikame Craft, a famous Japanese magic maker.

This classic magic has been recreated in collaboration with TCC Presents and Conan Liu Magic Co.

Dice Vision
Shows an antique dark wooden box and wooden dice.
The magician turns his back on the audience and asks the audience to put the dice in the box with their favorite numbers facing up.
And the magician listens to the sound or telepathically guesses the number chosen by the audience without opening the box.

It can be performed as a telepathy, a telepathy, etc., and it is a very original and clever mechanism.

The crate and lid are made of black walnut, the inside and outside are hand-polished with oil, the dies are light wood color (rounded corners), and the dots are carved into the block and colored black (in stickers and prints). is not).

Other manufacturers also make color blocks and miniature versions, but most of them are made of plastic and do not have a high-class feel.
Conan Ryu and TCC are the perfect size for close-ups and salons, and deliver a rare all-wooden version.

Size reference (Please forgive some errors.)
Die: 4cm x 4cm
Wooden box outer diameter 5.3cm x 5.3cm
Wooden box inner diameter 4.5cm x 4.5cm

* Classic effect, collectable quality, meticulous attention It is done manually by paying.

* The size was determined after a lot of research.
It is comfortable to operate with one hand and is suitable for both close-up and salon settings.


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