$3.30The Coffee Series By Think Nguyen (Episode 3)
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The Coffee Series By Think Nguyen (Episode 3)


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A serie of booklets to share…

A serie of booklets to share with you Think’s creative process through original and hard-hitting materials. Mostly based on card magic. Follow his journey into the deep and meaningful understanding of Magic.

Content :

CARRE : probably the cleanest version of touch four cards and they are the 4 aces.

THINKING ON THE ‘Tilt’. From the Tilt to the Rising tilt : an amusing and very fooling control inspired by the tilt and the riser move

DAILY DREAMER DREAMS : a very powerful card to box or card to wallet using the ‘falling tilt’

TILT TRANSPOSITION : a clear and powerful transpo inspired by one of E. Earick thought provocating pieces.


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