As admirers of the impossible, David Alvarez, “THE CREATOR OF THE MAGIC OF THE ITINERARY”, and Israel Rodriguez, “A LEGEND OF UNDERGROUND MAGIC IN CHILE AND AMERICA DEL SUR” decided to join forces and create this colossal work called “Magical Dreamers Project“!

This project was filmed in the beautiful south of Chile, where both artists make a dream compilation in four volumes, exposing some of their best creations of professional illusions.

What will you find in Magical Dreamers Project?

  • 4 volumes loaded with close-up routines of all kind (four and a half hours of fully downloadable material).
  • Effects with cards, clips, laces, coins, fire, bills and much more.
  • Routines of impossible predictions, poker plays, cards to the chosen number, sleight of hand at the highest level, self-working, versions of classics, gimmicks, strong visual magic both to do live and for social networks and television, gimmicks construction, routines without precedents and various special bonuses.
  • Live and studio performances with detailed explanations from different angles by David Alvarez and Israel Rodriguez.
  • Author section called “Plus”, where David Alvarez recounts his creations, provides advice, subtleties and sometimes simply jokes.
  • An interview with Israel Rodriguez that brings us closer to his philosophy, way of seeing and understanding magic as an art in itself and some shared personal analysis.


The Trapped Card: A masterful demonstration of sleight of hand by Israel Rodriguez! Literally, give your audience a free choice of a card, lose it back into the deck, and shuffle it. Now, whenever you want, dribble card by card and you will catch a card in the middle of the rest with one of your hands; and yes, that card is the one chosen!

Zodiac: A very interesting proposal that secretly plays with the zodiac signs until the last moment. With this performance, you will be able to make a prediction very easily and end up surprising everyone who sees you.

Deck Decline: This is one of those extremely visual effects that should never be missing from the repertoire of any fanatic card magician! Start performing this easy, surprising and very visual decrease with your favorite deck, which allows you to keep even a single card in your hand if you wish. From here, you decide!

Your Card is in Some Position: A very fun effect using an ancient secret in card magic… guide cards! At the end you will be able to find your audience’s card by spelling the same phrase that makes up the name of this routine.

Print: Although it will appear as part of a special bonus, this has so much weight for David Alvarez that you can consider it as the fifth routine in this volume. It is an effect originally released in David Alvarez’s “Triple Visions” Masterclass. By executing this, you will be making what David considers one of his best creations when it comes to visual magic.


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