As admirers of the impossible, David Alvarez, “THE CREATOR OF THE MAGIC OF THE ITINERARY”, and Israel Rodriguez, “A LEGEND OF UNDERGROUND MAGIC IN CHILE AND AMERICA DEL SUR” decided to join forces and create this colossal work called “Magical Dreamers Project“!

This project was filmed in the beautiful south of Chile, where both artists make a dream compilation in four volumes, exposing some of their best creations of professional illusions.

What will you find in Magical Dreamers Project?

  • 4 volumes loaded with close-up routines of all kind (four and a half hours of fully downloadable material).
  • Effects with cards, clips, laces, coins, fire, bills and much more.
  • Routines of impossible predictions, poker plays, cards to the chosen number, sleight of hand at the highest level, self-working, versions of classics, gimmicks, strong visual magic both to do live and for social networks and television, gimmicks construction, routines without precedents and various special bonuses.
  • Live and studio performances with detailed explanations from different angles by David Alvarez and Israel Rodriguez.
  • Author section called “Plus”, where David Alvarez recounts his creations, provides advice, subtleties and sometimes simply jokes.
  • An interview with Israel Rodriguez that brings us closer to his philosophy, way of seeing and understanding magic as an art in itself and some shared personal analysis.


The Unseen Prediction: This has been the go to routine used as an opener by David Alvarez for years at each of his table card magic sessions. It is a very easy routine to perform, but at the same time it contains everything and more than you will need to surprise even the most skeptical spectator. (Predictions, apparitions and mind reading)

Staple: Have you ever wanted to pass one solid object through another? Well now this will be possible when you take any card from your favorite deck and staple it neatly; Then you will move the stapled clip across the back of the card with your index finger. As a final touch, the clip will move to the initial point where it was first stapled, making everything completely examinable.

Easy Poker: Probably the easiest poker demo you will ever do! Your spectator mixes the entire deck and, furthermore, does so in small groups to ensure that it cannot be better mixed. Even after all this, it is the spectator himself who deals five cards face down for you and five cards for him. Make him win or lose as you wish, because, as crazy as it may seem, you are always in control!

Truly Knotted: A beautiful and subtle piece of magic with a common shoelace, inspired by the classic rope routine. The fire from a lighter is used to enhance performance, in addition to a bill. Find out where the magic will happen in the end!

ACAAN: David Alvarez took a routine by legendary Japanese magician Ishida Tenkai called “The Mystery of the Turned Cards” and added a secret ingredient to finish it with a clever version of any card at any number. Simply a masterpiece that you will surely want to try!

Bonus: In this section, you will learn a special move with the deck to control one or several cards to the top in an elegant and very deceptive way for the audience.


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