This is truly unprecedented. When perhaps the greatest living magician agrees to conduct a nearly-four-hour expert workshop on the performance of magic…you pay very, very, very close attention. In 2018 when Juan Tamariz agreed to do just this for us at our annual convention, the Magifest, we went to great lengths to record the experience for future generations. And to wrap it all up, the footage is presented with a bespoke, limited-edition deck of playing cards celebrating the artistry of our “Maestro.”

The Juan Tamariz Sessions is Juan at his best—and that’s not hyperbole. Several of his closest confidantes and students have commented on the electricity in the room on that special day. If it’s material you seek, you’ll see seven routines performed and four of those explained in meticulous detail. If it’s theory and creative approach you’re after, there is a wellspring of tremendous information, from his planned program of creating emotionally-powerful magic to his off-the-cuff answers to audience questions. This is the next best thing to taking a private lesson from the Maestro himself.

The Juan Tamariz Sessions is also the perfect primer for those who have never experienced Tamariz’s work. And if you’ve read his books, this is perhaps the best way to bridge what you read with what you see. The room erupts for his poetic rendition of “Oil and Water,” and his terrific “Four of a Kind Location.”

In over three and a half hours of glorious live footage, here is the material discussed:

  • Four of a Kind Location (Performance)
  • Impossible Card Location (Performance)
  • Follow the Leader (Performance and Explanation)
  • The Travelling Cards (Performance and Explanation)
  • Oil and Water: Naui (Performance)
  • Six Card Repeat (Performance and Explanation)
  • Finding the Lady (It’s A Pity) (Performance and Explanation)

The video download comes packaged with a gorgeous limited edition deck of playing cards (not sold separately). Alternatively, if you just want the video content, we are offering a “download only” option as well.

“You do not want to miss this chance to learn from one of the greatest magicians alive.” – Asi Wind

“This is a fabulous, fabulous lecture, and everyone should not only watch it, but study it too.” – Eric Mead


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