As admirers of the impossible, David Alvarez, “THE CREATOR OF THE MAGIC OF THE ITINERARY”, and Israel Rodriguez, “A LEGEND OF UNDERGROUND MAGIC IN CHILE AND AMERICA DEL SUR” decided to join forces and create this colossal work called “Magical Dreamers Project“!

This project was filmed in the beautiful south of Chile, where both artists make a dream compilation in four volumes, exposing some of their best creations of professional illusions.

What will you find in Magical Dreamers Project?

  • 4 volumes loaded with close-up routines of all kind (four and a half hours of fully downloadable material).
  • Effects with cards, clips, laces, coins, fire, bills and much more.
  • Routines of impossible predictions, poker plays, cards to the chosen number, sleight of hand at the highest level, self-working, versions of classics, gimmicks, strong visual magic both to do live and for social networks and television, gimmicks construction, routines without precedents and various special bonuses.
  • Live and studio performances with detailed explanations from different angles by David Alvarez and Israel Rodriguez.
  • Author section called “Plus”, where David Alvarez recounts his creations, provides advice, subtleties and sometimes simply jokes.
  • An interview with Israel Rodriguez that brings us closer to his philosophy, way of seeing and understanding magic as an art in itself and some shared personal analysis.


Smutty: Ok, now for a miracle right under your viewers’ noses. A coin that can even be borrowed is completely blackened in a totally impossible way. Additionally, the name of a card previously chosen from the deck by a spectator is drawn between the fire spots on the coin.

The Master Key: Israel Rodriguez offers us this self-working routine with endless possibilities to find a card. In the author’s own words, you can always do the end of this routine differently. An excellent opportunity to unleash your imagination!

Triumph DA: Every magician knows who Dai Vernon (The Professor) is and how he popularized one of the gems of card magic called “Triumph”. David Alvarez gives us his simplified version here, which you can do whenever you want, anywhere and with any deck, even if it is borrowed.

Miracle Cuts: You’ll love playing with the idea of shuffling the deck and allowing your spectator to cut freely, drawing two cards to add their values and form a new value as a result of that sum. Afterwards, your spectator cuts the deck again, this time to form four piles. Miraculously, when you turn over the top card in each pile, they match in value with the previously formed value!

The Light card: A beautiful routine inspired by Chris Perrotta’s “Starlight”, but kept simple. Here, a card chosen and seen by a spectator is put back into the deck. Then, he materializes his own name on the back of another card, using the flashlight of a cell phone. Subsequently, that card completely transforms into the one chosen from the beginning. This is the kind of thing that makes people question reality!

Bonus: This time, you will get a routine called “Traversed”, which does not properly belong to this project. However, it has been attached to it by the artist’s own decision, with the aim that you can offer another pleasant and soft effect for your audience to see.


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