As admirers of the impossible, David Alvarez, “THE CREATOR OF THE MAGIC OF THE ITINERARY”, and Israel Rodriguez, “A LEGEND OF UNDERGROUND MAGIC IN CHILE AND AMERICA DEL SUR” decided to join forces and create this colossal work called “Magical Dreamers Project“!

This project was filmed in the beautiful south of Chile, where both artists make a dream compilation in four volumes, exposing some of their best creations of professional illusions.

What will you find in Magical Dreamers Project?

  • 4 volumes loaded with close-up routines of all kind (four and a half hours of fully downloadable material).
  • Effects with cards, clips, laces, coins, fire, bills and much more.
  • Routines of impossible predictions, poker plays, cards to the chosen number, sleight of hand at the highest level, self-working, versions of classics, gimmicks, strong visual magic both to do live and for social networks and television, gimmicks construction, routines without precedents and various special bonuses.
  • Live and studio performances with detailed explanations from different angles by David Alvarez and Israel Rodriguez.
  • Author section called “Plus”, where David Alvarez recounts his creations, provides advice, subtleties and sometimes simply jokes.
  • An interview with Israel Rodriguez that brings us closer to his philosophy, way of seeing and understanding magic as an art in itself and some shared personal analysis.


Return to the Top: A very special routine performed by Israel Rodriguez for more than twenty years, which you can now add to your arsenal. With this one, you can have a spectator take a card from the deck and lose it themselves; and in totally impossible conditions, you will make the card rise to the top of the deck. A real miracle!

Bluff Sandwich: Recreate a card magic classic, such as the Sandwich routines, with this fascinating version delivered by Israel Rodriguez, in which the magic happens instantly and very close to the spectators. The method used to achieve this is very subtle!

ACAAN Super Easy: Another great self-working routine; on this occasion place any card at any number. It’s literally as easy to make as the name suggests!

Wealth and Luck: This is one of David Alvarez’s most recent creations, in which you can make a bill appear in your own hand and another inside the box of cards previously examined by a spectator, while you tell a story of luck and wealth in which your deck of cards will have a lot to do with. No gimmicks used!

Four Entities: And as if all of the above were not enough, David Alvarez has decided to include his personal blank face card deck routine. One of the best returns you can get with a blank face deck. You’ll have to find out for yourself and you won’t forgive yourself if you don’t!

Bonus: To finish this masterful project in terms of magic, Israel Rodriguez gives lovers of the “Faro Mix” a fabulous idea to do a Sandwich routine using a different application than the usual “Faro Mix”.

Magical Dreamers Project” is simply a masterpiece of professional close-up magic, loaded with routines that will increase your value as a performer. With this project, without a doubt, you will find a lot to enrich your repertoires, whether you are just starting out in this fascinating world of illusion or you are an expert and established professional on the subject. Go ahead and be part of the adventure today too! 


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