The trick that fooled Penn & Teller, and more importantly, entertained them. One of the highest rated tricks of all time.

“What a wonderfully choreographed piece of magic. I love when a spectator becomes the co-star of a miracle.” -Andrew Basso

“I have seen this up close and in person, and it is mind-blowing.” -Suzanne the Magician

“Copycat is a lovely magical interlude that will fool and surprise any audience. I love it!” -Paul Gertner

“Yes, this fooled Penn & Teller. But more importantly, it entertained them. And now, even more importantly, you can learn it and entertain (and fool) your audiences.” -Jon Armstrong

“David Parr fooled Penn & Teller. And fooled me. And now you can fool your audiences too.” -Anthony Owen

“David Parr’s Copycat is a beautiful effect: from its first moments — setting it up as a game, ringing a bell, the playful silence and the invitation to snap an elastic into the air — it establishes a mood of childlike fun and disarms critical thinking. The steps are always crystal clear, but there are just enough of them that they are hard to reverse-engineer. In the end, you don’t mind being fooled by it because it was such an enjoyable ride.” -Chris Philpott


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