“Dropped Call” allows you to easily make a phone vanish and/or transpose with no switches or cover. You can even end the vanish completely clean and hand the case out for inspection. This was easily one of the most talked about effects at Magifest as the creators Kyle Purnell and Zach Evans walked around flooring everyone. It feels like real magic.

This self-contained gimmick is incredibly easy to use. You get an iPhoneX style case with the gimmick already inserted, so it does not matter what exact type of phone you have because the illusion operates entirely on it’s own.

Even beginner magicians can start performing this in minutes. It’s so simple.

“Dropped Call” works just as well during in-person performances as it does in virtual magic shows and magic videos on TikTok or Instagram.

NOTE: This is a self-contained gimmick that contains everything you need to perform the trick. It is not intended to go on your actual phone.


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