• Conjure Man is a professionally scripted, blocked and choreographed 50-minute mentalism act and offers some of the most direct mentalism ever explored within any of the previous four acts.

    This act begins with a humorous, light hearted blend of folklore and mentalism that brings a guest’s imagination into reality.  Next, a guest has a moment of premonition about two complete strangers that proves eerily accurate.  Next, one beloved and popular animated character out of hundreds is chosen freely but revealed instantly.  Here there are nostalgic presentations, unbelievable coincidences, and irrefutable proof that any guest can read another’s mind with uncanny accuracy, too.  The act dramatically builds to a finale that demonstrate, when one is willing to trust their intuition, the results are unbelievable!

    In addition to these original and strong demonstrations of mindreading using common playing cards as props, Conjure Man features several new propless presentations and methods never seen before within the mentalism industry.

    You supply the playing cards, a marker and two sheets of small note paper.

  • Conjure Man is probably going to be your favorite of the entire Act-Series.  In my opinion, this act
    serves as a beacon to remind everyone that we are just as strong as we want to be, and nobody can tell us any different.”

                                                           Don Theo III   AUTHOR / ACTOR / MENTALIST


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