• Mr. Know-It-All is the most recent addition to the Act-series.  This sixth installment in the acclaimed Act-Series is now available.

    The Mr. Know-It-All show is a mentalism act of uncanny knowledge and revelations.  The only prop required is a common deck of playing cards, but even then, the Act is not reliant upon them.  Postcards, photographs, or index cards can easily be substituted—in fact, one demonstration involves no props at all.   Each experiment is clear and simple; meaning, the methods are new, original, and often self-working.

    Each carefully written script blends with theatrical choreography to allow the performer to focus on engaging the audience completely.  The Mr. Know-It-All act flows professionally as the guests enjoy intimate one-on-one experiences and humorous moments that finally build to a powerful finale demonstration of group mentalism that leaves the audience stunned.

    You supply an ordinary deck of playing cards.

  • “How we wish this Series was available when we were first starting out in this business.  To think we could have bought any one of these Acts and, in just two weeks of rehearsal, have a highly marketable, easy-to-book show.”

                                                  Christian & Katalina   THE MINDTRIPPING SHOW


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