Each book in this widely-acclaimed series provides complete details of a parlor act that was performed continuously for over a year in front of thousands of guests from around the world.  The popularity of this exclusive resort means guest repetition is frequent.  So, I update my acts every 12 to 18 months.  Once an act has been retired, I make it available to the conjuring community through these books.

The Act-series began in 2004 with the release of Hoodwinkings (Book One).  Since then, three more acts have been added.  Without fail, each book has met with enthusiastic approval from professional mentalists and conjurors around the world.

The routines are fully scripted, blocked and choreographed…and include ‘transition scripts’ that move the show smoothly from one experiment to the next.

A deck of household playing cards is the primary prop used in each of these acts.  There is no sleight-of-hand involved.  Nothing is gimmicked.

  • “Each act in Mick Ayres’ Series is not only well-structured but is perfect in its advanced reasoning, ‘aha’ factor and entertainment value.  I LOVE IT! “

                                                                      Marc Salem    MENTALIST / AUTHOR


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