• S’lie (pronounced ‘sly’) is the fourth installment to the Act-series.  This is a professionally scripted, blocked and choreographed 60-minute mentalism act.  From the start, the audience quickly realizes this show is charming, different…and incredibly baffling.

    The S’lie mysteries build dramatically.  The act begins with a simple yet astonishing demonstration.  While your back is turned, a guest mixes the cards, cuts to one and then mixes the pack again.  You simply turn around, read her mind and reveal the card.  Then, in a clever twist, an experiment uses a single playing card to clearly show how mindreading isn’t limited to cards.  Next, your guests learn disturbing lessons about how actions and decisions can be influenced without their knowledge.  The demonstrations increase to a finale that has everyone in the room involved in an incredible experience that leaves them on their feet and applauding…this is mindreading on a grand scale!

    You only supply the playing cards and the ability to mix them.

  • “Mick’s Act-series describes in valuable detail a form of magic that is special, unique, naturally engaging, professional caliber Mentalism with a capital ‘M’!  Clearly, these are not vague ideas bundled into an e-book just to rake in a few shekels; these are tested performance pieces…tweaked, described and delivered in a format anyone can use to become a better entertainer.”

                                                           John LeBlanc   THE MENTALIST SANCTUM


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