A professional-caliber mind-reading system that works through the internet. Perfect for paid virtual shows, or just casual calls with friends

Jamie Daws’s “Virtual Mind Reading System” is a series of miracles you can perform through the internet.

This versatile method allows you to know with 100% accuracy whether someone is lying or telling the truth, in which hand they are holding a real or imaginary coin, a thought of number or playing card, or even which item from a list of 100 choices they have randomly selected!

The best part is that VMRS is not just for online shows. The methods can also be used over the phone or in real life!

This propless method will have your brain bubbling with creative ideas on how you can implement it.

Jamie teaches a few variations on his favorite routine in the 72 minute instructional video, and offers some other creative ways to use it via the included extra ebook.

Pick up Jamie’s VMRS today and take all your shows to the next level!


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