Theory11 – Mathieu Bich – Transcode

Will be inserted in the middle of a poker entire decks from side to push past , to the other side when the card back into a different, very intuitive color.

As you push the card through the deck, the back design visually changes.
From FISM winner Mathieu Bich comes an astoundingly visual change. You take a card from the deck and show the front and the back. You slowly place it in the center of the deck and begin to push it through. As the card penetrates the other end , it changes into another back design. The card can clearly be seen sticking out BOTH sides of the deck with a different back design on each end.
Change the card, but that’s not the ending. It’s only the beginning.
With Transcode, not only can you change the card, but you can also end the trick by changing the back design of the ENTIRE DECK! Change the card, change the deck, then immediately hand the card out for inspection while you plainly showcase the deck . Transcode utilizes a simple gimmick which can be constructed with household items in minutes.


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