“That’s the BEST coin in sugar packet THERE IS.” – Cody Nottingham

“Pt. 3 is a super sexy coin thru sugar packet that can be done on the fly and ZERO gimmicks or slits…simply BRILLIANT” -Justin Miller

“This is freaking awesome..such a clever idea!” -Jimmy Strange

“THIS is by far the best version of the signed coin to sugar packet that I have ever seen. Elegant, clean, and fooling! That makes for some serious SWEETNESS!” -Jonathan Friedman

No cuts. No slits. No duplicates. No sticky stuff. No gimmicks. Nothing. Its been a long time coming and the final installment of the “Through Project”. This is a practically impromptu version of the classic coin in sugar packet. It’s fooled some of the biggest names in magic including Cody Nottingham and Lloyd Barnes. Its visual, auditory, simple, and direct. There really isn’t anything else to say. If you like the plot or coffee shop/diner magic, add to cart. You won’t regret it.


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