Bring out the big guns! THREE COMPLETE TRANSFORMATIONS with ONE DECK. Now with bonus handling from Rick Lax.

“The possibilities are ENDLESS” -Scott Alexander

Professional magicians have a rule. If you’re gonna carry around a special deck of cards, it better do something sleight of hand can’t accomplish.

Scott Alexander is a top pro, and his “Epic Deck” is a MONSTER. It combines all of the best secrets from magic decks that will devastate any audience. It’s pure fireworks.

Three times, the ENTIRE DECK changes. No switches, no funny moves.

PROFESSIONALS: You can close your show with this.. it’s THAT strong. There’s so much magic in such a short time that it’s a perfect finale. No difficult sleights, and a very thorough instructional taught by the one and only Scott Alexander, complete with live performances so you can see the power of this pro tool.

PLUS, when you order today you’ll get bonus handling from Rick Lax that takes this masterpiece to a whole new level.


You remove a blue deck from its blue case and have a card selected. The card is set aside as you turn the whole deck over and show that it’s the only BLUE card in… a TOTALLY RED DECK. Then with a wave, EVERY SINGLE CARD turns into THEIR SELECTION. Finally (and this is what fries anyone still standing), with a rub THE ENTIRE DECK GOES BLANK. FRONTS AND BACKS!

A mind-boggling visual masterpiece from the one and only Scott Alexander.

Perfect as a finale to a card routine.


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