Michael Gallo’s Magic Castle Lecture – $35 (video) This brand-new lecture is making its worldwide debut with CC Club! Michael covers twelve of his classic routines LIVE from the Legendary Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA! You’ll discover- Gadabout Coins, Coins Across-Coins Thru the Table Mike’s classic handling of the Ball & Vase. Coins and Glass, Four Coin Vanish, Perfect Silk Vanish, Okito Goes Wild, Wild Coin, and much more.

Mike Gallo Volume 1 – $25 (video) In this video Michael covers some of his incredible professional material, including Sponge Ball Memories, Four Ace Production with O’Henry’s Aces, Coins Across, Coin Penetration, The Gallo Pearl

Mike Gallo Volume 2 – $25 (video) Even more of the professional material that has made Michal;e a legend. Including Shakespeare, Wild Transposition, Coins to Cup, Which Way Wild, Coins and Cylinder

Remembering the Magic of Lou Gallo – $35 (video) Michael’s father Lou Gallo was an absolutely legendary figure in close up magic and creating many tricks and sleight including The Gallo Pitch. Here Michael goes in-depth into some of his father’s best-known material. You will learn New Wave Coins Across, Rub Rub, Coins Through the Table, Winged Silver, Coins to Purse, and of course, all the details of The Gallo Pitch.

The Ball & Vase – $25 (video) Complete video instructions on Mike’s classic handling of the Ball & Vase. If you have ever wanted to handle a Ball and Vase like a master this video will light your path. Also includes bonus routines including Pocket Counterfeiter a 4 coin production and Another Wild Coin. “The good stuff is hidden in books and lecture notes.”

No Cards…No Coins – $25 (PDF) Eight creatively designed routines using items other than cards and coins! You’ll learn:A Shell of a Matrix – a clever Matrix with sea shells and balls.Mo’ Breadcrumbs – Gallo’s handling of the Rene Lavand fabulous Breadcrumb routine. The Bane of my Existence – a killer Ball & Vase routine Shakesphere – A ball penetrates an empty salt shaker in seemingly more impossible ways! Plus, four more!

The Card Notes – $25 (PDF) A literal treasure trove of card mastery! Twelve sleights, handlings, and routines, including On Elmsley’s Diary Trick. Mike’s brilliant version of any card at any date. One deck, one book that can be on the table before the trick starts…brilliant. Plus, Mike’s All in the Family, Interchange Collectors and Color Triumph, Mike’s handling of Gambler vs. Magician and a lot more!

Coin Magic for Pizza, Soda, and Smokes, Michael Gallo 2022 Coin Lecture – $25 (PDF) Mike’s latest lecture notes containing more classics and updated handlings. You get: Gaff-less CSB – A incredible Copper, Silver, Brass transposition without special coins. The PENetration of Silver – 4 coins are pushed through an espresso cup one at a time using a pen! Wild Coin – 4 half dollars are produced, visually transformed into Chinese coins and then back into half dollars once again.Plus, 6 more routines.



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