Michael Gallo’s Magic Castle Lecture – $35 (video) This brand-new lecture is making its worldwide debut with CC Club! Michael covers twelve of his classic routines LIVE from the Legendary Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA! You’ll discover- Gadabout Coins, Coins Across-Coins Thru the Table Mike’s classic handling of the Ball & Vase. Coins and Glass, Four Coin Vanish, Perfect Silk Vanish, Okito Goes Wild, Wild Coin, and much more.

On August 3, 2005, expert coin magician Mike Gallo lectured at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California. That lecture was recorded. On this one hour and 30-minute video Mike explains some of his finest routines and handlings of classic coin and close-up magic:

Gadabout Coins From Bobo’s coin magic and based on a Milt Kort handling, Mike combines the handlings into an easy to do coin routine with a very surprising ending. Worth the price of the entire video. Included in the explanation is Mike’s handling of the Bobo Coin switch making the move more natural and softer than the traditional handling.

Coins Across & Coins Thru the Table Utilizing an easy to make gimmick (literally takes 2 minutes to make), Mike combines two of the best known plots in coin magic into one cohesive routine that will blow audiences away! Included is an excellent discourse on multiple coin lapping that can be used in many routines.

Ball and Vase Yeah, it’s the trick that came with your first magic set. However, this routine is nothing like that! Based on the routine by Michael Skinner, Gallo’s routine was originally released as its own DVD (sold for upwards of ), now this effect is included with a very detailed explanation as part of this download. Dust off your prop and start working. This routine is a visual stunner with an epic final load.

Coins and Glass An impromptu penetration of coins through a card case. Inspired by a routine of Derek Dingle’s, this is an easy to do routine with an extremely deceptive load into a spectator’s hand. If you ever wanted to do a technically easy effect but you also want to work out your nerves of steel, this is the routine for you!

The Four Coin Vanish Probably the least impromptu effect on the video, HOWEVER if you ever wanted an excuse to buy some custom coins, this is definitely it! Quick, visual and looks like real magic!

Rumsey Based on the work of Milt Kort (attributed to Rumsey…not Ramsay), Mike teaches an excellent vanish in conjunction with the four coin vanish(above) but can also be used with balls, dice or any other small object. If you own the book “Kort”, there is no doubt you read this sleight. Now you can see it delivered and described with perfect timing and finesse.

Shakesphere Developed independently of the Neal Prete effect, this is a visual, three phase penetration of a ball through a salt shaker. Easy to do, visually appealing and packed with straight forward magic.

Okito Goes Wild A stunning visual Okito coin box routine that varies from the basic routine so much that by the end of the routine, magicians after seeing this, will be picking their jaws off of the floor. This is an excellent routine with an ending that will surprise even the most astute observer. An excellent Okito routine for laymen!

Coins Through the Table 2 Another version of the classic coins through the table. This version is exceptionally clean with a surprise ending! This is an excellent example of Mike’s thinking on naturalness in the design of magic.

Wild Coins A simply beautiful display of direct, hard hitting coin magic!

Instant Transposition A magical transposition of eight coins within two handkerchiefs. Based on an Ed Marlo coin routine (yep, Ed Marlo and coins…go figure). A very simple routine that utilizes the Gypsy Switch, a most underutilized sleight. Very practical and very direct!

Ramsay Without Tears An exceptionally direct handling of the Ramsay cylinder. One of magic’s most treasured classics.

Filmed on video tape, the quality is not high definition however every attempt to preserve the quality of the original has been made. This video contains eleven proven routines, several sleights and a great deal of useful information from one of magic’s greatest participants. Do not miss your chance to own this excellent concentration of magic that you will do, at an unbelievable price!

“Mike Gallo happens to be one of the best coin workers I know.”

David Roth

Mike Gallo-Live at the Magic Castle treats you to Mike’s handlings of some of magic’s classic effects. As always, his technique is impeccable, and his lessons are perfect for both beginners and experts. He has two of the best hands in magic. Thanks for sharing…as always Mike’s material is phenomenal.”

Kainoa Harbottle


“Mike Gallo is one of the best coin magicians I have ever seen. His technique is flawless, his presentations are original, and the amount of material he performs seems boundless. When he performs you are immediately put at ease by his friendly demeanor, and then BAM, he hits you over the head with mind blowing magic that you had no idea was coming!”

Michael Rubenstein

“Mike Gallo’s lecture from the Magic Castle is loaded with clever thinking and diabolical routining. I’m adding his Gadabout Coins to my show immediately!”

Bill Malone


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