“DON’T SMOKE! But you should do this organic effect! So visual!” – Tom Elderfield “Whaaat? Ok, I have a very good reason to play with the cigarettes again!” – Mario Lopez Every day, people exchange money for cigarettes. Now imagine if you could turn those cigarettes back into money… Visually. Welcome to Rehab Pro. The original “Rehab” was created by Gabbo Torres from Puerto Rico in 2018. It’s a visual change from a cigarette to any currency. Rehab Pro is the evolution of this original idea. Anywhere you go, this trick will be primed to perform. Each Rehab Pro includes several different currencies to customize your gimmick. You’ll get : US DOLLAR UK POUND EURO CHINESE RENMINBI JAPANESE YEN As well as these currencies, you can also use your own bill to make the gimmick. Whether you are a smoker or not, this effect can command powerful reactions… Because everyone loves tricks with money. Rehab Pro comes with everything you need to perform this visual miracle.


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