A bizarre sideshow-style effect, practically remastered for the modern everyday performer.

Eric Ross shook the magic community when he released “Hook”—his wildly thrilling close-up version of “Russian Roulette”. Strings dangled from your mouth, one of them attached to a razor-sharp hook. Spectator’s took turns pulling the strings from your mouth one-by-one. The suspense left everyone on the edge of their seats.

“Eye Candy” from Hanson Chien Production Company is the next step in this journey. A Tic Tac goes from your mouth, through the inner layer of your face, and out of your eye socket. The spectator can even feel and help push the Tic Tac under your skin. As the ultimate ending, you can even pop the Tic Tac back in your mouth and eat it.

100% Safe, Practical and Reliable

The important thing to note about “Eye Candy” is that it has been purposely created to look dangerous to the audience, while posing no risk to the performer.

This is the first “Object to Eye” product designed to help professional magicians achieve this style of effect in a safe and practical way. The gimmick can be set up in about 30 seconds and is constructed of food-safe, medical grade materials to ensure it’s 100% safe. It will not melt, crack, cause skin irritation or harm your body. Each one is inspected by Hanson Chien Production Co. for ultimate quality control.

“Eye Candy” is super practical and modern. It’s super easy to set up and can be performed close-up and surrounded. The included carrying case takes up very little pocket space and will help you with the setup, while also keeping your gimmick safe and sterile during transport.

Expert, Safety-first Instruction

Each “Eye Candy” comes with more than 40 minutes of expert instruction providing everything you need—including live performance and studio walkthroughs. Most importantly, there are essential safety notes and performance tips. In fact, this instruction is so detailed, you’ll get to watch people who have never performed the effect learn it live and perform it safely within a few minutes.

Key Details at a Glance

  • Designed to be extremely safe
  • Gimmick constructed of food-safe, medical grade materials
  • Comes with specially-made carrying case that helps with setup
  • Takes up virtually no pocket space
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Can be learned quickly and safely
  • No angle restrictions (perform it surrounded)


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