The monte you’ve been DREAMING of. THEY choose a card. THEY sign it. And you FREAKING DELIVER. Their card moves up, down and even VANISHES

“A monte that lets you use a freely selected signed card and does all the work for you? Sign me up!” –Nick Marshall

“This routine is a perfect example of Alan’s approach to magic. A fantastic concept brought together in a clean and stylish routine that’s hard hitting and mystifying.” –Mat Parrott

This is everything you’ve wanted in a monte. Your spectator CAN CHOOSE ANY CARD. Then, they CAN SIGN THE CARD. And then you… with ONE HAND can do more monte-magic than anyone ever thought possible, and in the end, even make their card vanish entirely!

You’re going to LOVE this trick. Free choice, signature, SUPER FAIR looking moves, almost self-working, and just a knock-out… seriously, there’s just no bloody way.


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