Looks Empty. Sounds Empty. Feels Empty… But whenever you like, you can cause the coin to penetrate the solid can.

Coin in can effects are great – but if they’re visual, where you throw the coin inside, then they’re usually not inspectable.

If the can is borrowed, your spectator usually can’t hold the can the entire time. The magician needs to.

If they rely on electronics, they can be temperamental – and won’t work 100% of the time.

So James Keatley set out to find my own solution – and came up with this… A practical coin in can effect that the spectator can hold, shake or look inside before the effect starts. It looks empty. It sounds empty. They’d swear to a judge it’s empty.

But with this gimmick and with minimal sleight of hand – and with them covering the opening – at any time, you can cause that coin to penetrate inside the can.

From that moment – with the can inside their hand – they can inspect everything… They can fish the coin out. Examine it. They can rub any part of the can.

And no, you don’t have to wear a PK ring or a band-aid on your finger.

This gimmick can be applied to any can, so you don’t need to buy refills from us. You can make it at home using items you may already have.

We know there are a million coin in can effects on the market. We’re not arrogant enough to say this is the very best. But what we will tell you is that this always works. Flawlessly.

It’s fun – and you can make the gimmick at home (so you won’t need to pay shipping charges).

Oh! And we almost forgot to mention, it fully resets in 3 seconds. Members can learn it free with their subscription.

Learn Practical Coin in Can TODAY.

+ BONUS signed handling included by the creator, James Keatley.


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