The ultimate Halloween trick. Cause ANY deck of cards to come alive and find a chosen card.

“I’ve seen them ALL; but MOVE is the best haunted deck solution I’ve ever learnt for workability, flexibility and impact – The fact you can FEEL the cards move really takes this amazing effect to the next level!” Dee Christopher

“I love it! Genuinely ingenious, innovative and well taught method. Makes the haunted deck feel spooky again.” Alexander Marsh

“After Mark showed me [MOVE] it immediately became my go to haunted deck routine!” Dan Young

“MOVE is a logical and meaningful evolution of the haunted deck, with great handling and motivation. The tuition is detailed and clear, and after only a few days this is already something that I’m excited to use in performance.” Scott Olgard

“Holy s**t! that’s a brilliant idea!” Bret Pendlebury

“Stunning! This is sure to leave an impression!” Lance Miller

The Haunted Deck (originally known as the self cutting cards) is a classic in magic, originally developed by Al Baker in the 1930s…

A decade in the making; Marc Smith has taken this eerie concept and sent it into OVERDRIVE with his revolutionary, gimmickless method that your spectators can SEE & FEEL.

You can use any deck, with zero preparation.

No threads, wires, magnets, static, elastics or electronics. Imagine having the freedom to perform the haunted deck easily and at any given moment. The knowledge in this download will give you that power!

Borrow a deck, use your working deck or simply break the seal on a fresh one. The MOVE method will visually cut the cards, under your spectator’s finger, to the selected card EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

In over 30 minutes of detailed instruction, professional magician Marc Smith will walk you through his devilishly devious solution to the Haunted Deck; a MUST HAVE for Halloween and an incredible effect all year round!


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