The Creation, Development, and Structure of Impossibilities. Plus, the Keys to a Successful Competition Act

“Marc DeSouza and I have known each other for quite some time. I’ve seen him perform for magicians and lay audiences dozens of times. He always scores big and makes audiences scratch their heads with wonder, before erupting in applause. Here’s why; Marc studies his audiences and listens to their reactions. He knows how they think, what they want and what they respond to. Anyone lucky enough to hear him lecture about his vast experience is going to be ahead of the guy that didn’t. He’s first rate in every way- and you can take that to the bank.” – Ben Robinson, Noted performer and Author

“There are a few conjurers who have seen and learned so much over the years, that I am always interested and edified by their opinion. Marc is one such magician.” – Levent

“I have known many magicians who have some understanding of magic history. I’ve known many magicians who are excellent performers. I’ve known many magicians who have the ability to teach magic properly. My friend, Marc DeSouza, is one of only a handful of people I know who not only can do all of these things (and do them exceedingly well!), but who is passionate about them all, and more than willing to share his passion. He also happens to be a heck of a nice guy.” – David Oliver

“Marc DeSouza’s performance style and deceptive concepts are fully layered in both skill and artistry. His lecture appeals to performers and connoisseurs of our art. He is a truly seasoned teacher.” – Joseph Curcillo, Performer and Author, Winner of the 2014 Milbourne Christopher Foundation Award for Mentalism

What will he teach?

Marc will teach stand-up magic for both stage and club-style performances. The material is suitable for organizational and corporate work as well as, for the most part, family entertainment. Throughout the presentation, the focus will be on the creation and development of material, the structure of both the individual routines and the act, scripting and sources for more information. There will be a number of stories and pieces of advice garnered from over 50 years of experience in magic and his association with some of the finest magicians of our time.

The evening will begin with the performance of a complete act, as though he were performing for a lay audience. The majority of the material is right out of his primary working repertoire and includes solo routines, audience participation pieces and mentalism. He’ll show how the Bill In Lemon serves as a piece that follows through the entire show with a series of call-backs. There is a “running bit” involving the Magic Square that goes through a third of the show and builds the impossibility of the effect. There are classic magic routines that have been brought up to date, such Al Baker’s Card In Chewing Gum. The twist in this version is that it is done with a card merely thought of. There is a wonderful Cards Up The Sleeve with a number of interesting nuances and a very commercial finish. There is a version of the legendary Bullet Catch done with an air pistol and steel darts that is dramatic, yet safe and easy to travel with. There are also alternate routines that will be demonstrated and taught such as the Rosini Thimbles, Linking Finger Rings, Bills Across and more.

As if this were not enough, Marc will also discuss the subject of magic competitions from both the competitor and judge’s perspective. He will talk about the keys to a successful competition act. He will also demonstrate and teach a number of manipulative routines, some from his very successful competition act and some never seen by magicians. These include the Ball and Cone, Salt Pour, Ball and Rose Manipulation and Zombie.

Who is he?

Marc DeSouza is a Philadelphia native with an International reputation in the Magic Community. As a performer, inventor, author, lecturer and motivational speaker, his talents have been displayed at gatherings throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and North America.

In over fifty years of performing, his unique style has garnered him an impressive array of over 50 regional, national and international awards. Marc is the only two-time winner of the Society of American Magicians National Stage Magic Competition, in 1978 and again in 1989. In 1995, Marc became the first magician in that organization’s history to win the prestigious Silver Medal in both the Stage and Close-Up categories. In 1993, he became the first magician in the history of the International Brotherhood of Magicians to place in both the Stage Magic and Close-Up Magic International Competitions in the same year. He is a three time IBM Gold Medal Finalist.

In July of 1996, Marc made magical history again by winning both the SAM and IBM Close-Up Competitions, and a third Silver Medal from the SAM. As National Champion, Marc represented the S.A.M. at the F.I.S.M. competition held in 1997 in Dresden, Germany. This competition is held every three years and is considered to be the Olympics of Magic. This marketed his third FISM competition appearance. In 1996, Harper Collins engaged Marc to script, perform and teach all of the magic on their CD-ROM entitled MAGIC: An Insider’s View. This disk featured television star Harry Anderson introducing the various segments. He has also released four instructional videos for Magicians detailing his original work, as well as a book, DeSouza’s Deceptions, written by David Acer and published by Camirand Academy of Magic. In 2009, L&L Publications released a four DVD compilation of Marc’s creations and routines entitled Masterworks of Conjuring. This package represents over 30 years of work and the focus of this set is on presentations of magic ranging from close-up and parlor magic to magic for cabaret and stage performances.

Marc has served as magical consultant for Marc Salem’s Mind Games, the highly successful Off-Broadway show and Enchantment Theatre Company’s national tours of Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. As principal/owner of Merlin Marketing Group, Marc has combined his education and work experience in the field of marketing using magic to present products and messages in corporate and organizational settings. For business and sales meetings, Marc’s presentations focus on presenting the Unique Selling Points and corporate messaging of his clients to increase awareness in the market place and exceed business goals. Marc’s motivational presentation, Impossibilities, focuses on overcoming problems through unique solutions to achieve incredible goals. His basic premise is once you can achieve the impossible, you can achieve anything…..and he does just that! This presentation can be customized for virtually any corporate or business group or organization.

Marc’s talents have been in demand throughout the Mid-Atlantic area for performances at private parties, corporate events and gala affairs. He specializes in creating moments of impossibility right in front of your eyes… sometimes, right in your own hands. Philadelphia Magazine named Marc DeSouza the Best of Philly Magician in 1990, and has not so honored another since then. In February, 2001, Marc was one of twenty magicians chosen nationwide to perform as part of the Presidential Inaugural activities. His magic amazed and amused both Cabinet Members and visiting dignitaries. You too will be entranced by this unusual performer who blends humor, skill and mystery into MAGIC!


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