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Discover Jérôme Sauloup’s latest release: Doctor Jack!

Show a jack of diamonds to your audience and highligh the resemblance between the card’s index and a virus protection mask. By simply running your finger over the card, the diamond disappears and comes to rest at the mouth of the jack, forming a mask! You have to see it to believe it, it’s visual, quick and very easy to do. The card can even be given for examination (and as a souvenir) afterwards, there is nothing to see!

It can also become a very educational wink for your future performance!

You will receive an explanatory video of about twenty minutes in English explaining the making of the gimmick (printable PDF provided) as well as a detailed explanation of the routine. The gimmick does not require any particular knowledge and can be made in a few minutes.

Perfect for buzzing on social networks, Doctor Mask can also be performed in close-up, the gimmick being very discreet.

Don’t wait any longer and get Doctor Mask today!

Strong points :

No flap
No magnet
No wire or thread
Gimmick easy to make with everyday objects


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