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THEY cut to any four of a kind. At any time.

This is Turning Point. Amongst all the work done by Giacomo on the subject of four of a kind productions, one routine always stood out for its power in front of lay audiences. Turning Point is an innovative and incredibly deceptive way to have your audience produce any four of a kind from literally any deck of cards. It’s that easy.

You’ll learn a performance piece that Giacomo has been perfecting for over two years in every detail. A full routine that plays with the expectation of your audience to reach an unexpected climax. A plot twist. A Turning Point.

Everything happens right in front of their eyes, the method is easy to accomplish and can be adapted into a variety of different styles. Included in the project are two performances of the effect. A very laid back and quick demonstration of the routine, as well as a full 6 minutes act with a presentation that your audience will never forget.

Learn Turning Point today!


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