Seven more off-beat, totally impromptu card effects from the mind of Cameron Francis!

Includes both written instructions and video instructions!


THE TRUTH IS IN THE MIDDLE: A “mystery card” effect where a card reversed in the middle of the deck before the trick started turns out to be the selection!

WELL TRAVELED: A “Travelers” variation that is pretty darn easy to do!

TRI THE SANDWICH: A Triumph routine and sandwich routine all rolled into one tasty treat!

OUT OF SIGHT, INSIDE THE BOX: A magical variation of Dai Vernon’s “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”

FAUX SHOW: A five phased card cheating demonstration using a small packet of cards that makes you look like a sleight of hand King… but is actually easy to do. Was originally scheduled to be released as a stand-alone item!

OH, NO, NOT ANOTHER THING!: “Ace Thang” revisited. Meaner, leaner, strong.

SLYER CHEESE: A new twist on “Sly Cheese” from Moment’s Notice 4.

34 page PDF with links to video downloads.


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