Cameron Francis – Moment’s Notice 6


The sixth volume of this series of Impromtu Card Magic. If you’ve read any of the previous ones, you know what to expect.

This volume contains:

DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN – A stunning double sandwich effect.

OVERCOUNT – Paul Harris’ Overkill meets Paul Cummin’s Counting On It for one stunning effect.

FACES IN THE CROWD – An impromptu packet effect with a novel presentation.

HALF-A-ROON -.. Two selections Two crazy revelations This is the kind of stuff laypeople love!

NOT SO FAST – A Collectors effect that is not a Collectors effect at all It’s weird but it works.!

RESWINDLED AGAIN – A different take on Caleb Wiles’ “Reswindled” effect.

24 page, photo illustrated PDF.


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