“Another super-commercial, high-impact collection from the fertile mind of Cameron Francis. This is the perfect finale to the extremely well thought-out ‘Moment’s Notice’ series. Highly recommended.” – D. Ulin, Los Angeles, CA“Six devilishly cunning effects that you could possibly live without. Then again, you could live without sex, but you wouldn’t want to… would you?” – Stephen Tucker, UK

“Cam’s Moment’s Notice series is a great read for anyone who digs their card magic and “Moment’s Notice 8″ is no exception!” – Liam Montier, UK


  • No Sweat Assembly — A killer self-working Ace Assembly.
  • Coincidence Card — A Do-As-I-Do at any number.
  • Daley’s Last Bullet Party – Wild Card meets Daley’s Last Trick in one smooth-as-silk handling.
  • Coupling – A coincidence effect with a killer twist.
  • Seven – A super-clean sandwich/transpo trick.
  • Absorption – Four Jacks “absorb” three cards in a completely baffling way.

Moment’s Notice 8 is a photo illustrated PDF containing YouTube links to performances of all six effects.



1st edition 2014, 19 pages.


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