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Six Impromptu Card Tricks
Feast your eyes on and fry your spectators’ brains with six more insanely impossible impromptu card miracles!

TRIP EL REMIX – An amped-up version of a classic triple prediction trick with a major kicker ending. A serious fooler–and best of all, it’s entirely self-working!

BIDDLE-ISH – A lean, mean, super-clean “Card Across” effect. You’ve never seen this spin on a time-tested classic of card magic.

BUT NOT LEAST – A wildly deceptive triple sandwich effect with an eye-popping, in-the-spectators-hands ending!

EAT FRESH – Inspired by the Buck Twins’ legendary “Subway”–but you don’t have to be Dan or Dave to do it. Lucky you.

PAUL GORDON’S EIGHT OF DIAMONDS TRICK – A self-working card location that will bamboozle everybody (including all your magician friends).

BRITLANDIA – A zippy, nifty variation of Ed Marlo’s famous “Elevator” effect. It’s extremely easy to do, and features an in-your-face visual ending. Boom!

Moment’s Notice 9 is a 22 page PDF with links to performance videos.


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