Six Impromptu Card Effects

“I love ‘Precursor’ – That’s a really great plot!” – Liam Montier

“I really enjoyed this latest installment in the series! No filler. Strong, doable material!” – John Carey

The Moment’s Notice series continues with six more stunning, spectacular, sensational effects! Hard-hitting and easy to do, this might be the best of the series yet!

Divided – An incredible two phase effect that ends in a full deck color separation (You are going to love the concept that makes this possible).

Streamlined Sandwich – Two face up Jacks are cut into the deck. A card is freely selected (for real). It then appears between the two Jacks in the cleanest way possible.

One Flew Over At My Behest – A quick, easy and very effective card across effect.

Straight Time – A three phase effect that includes a highly visual Triumph.

Precursor – A super commercial Ace Assembly.

Roil and Queens – A commercial variation of the Hofzinser “Royal Marriages” plot. Wait, isn’t that a contradiction in terms? Nope. Not this time!

Moment’s Notice 10 is a 24 page, photo illustrated PDF with YouTube links to video demos of all six effects.


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