A new breakthrough in magic, and a perfect party trick. Inflate a balloon without tying the end. The air stays or leaves ON YOUR COMMAND.

“Great Idea! This is a very smart effect that can fit into anyone’s act because the possibilities are endless.” – Tony Clark

“Genius Idea!” – Doc Docherty

“A delightful interlude. Pure entertainment!” – Jack Carpenter

“This is a really cool idea. It would be an awesome trick to add to any “frozen time” routine.” – Michael Kent

Imagine the power to control the very air we breathe. Defy the laws of physics using nothing more than a balloon. Richy Flow lives up to his name by developing an effect that allows you to keep a balloon inflated without every tying a knot. With expert instruction by Dan Harlan, you’ll learn to do the impossible with Aerostatic.

Here’s what happens:

The performer introduces a balloon to their audience. The balloon can be blown up as well as deflated to show that it is a normal balloon. The performer blows up the balloon a final time and commands the balloon to stay inflated, and it does. The audience can even look down inside the neck of the balloon to see that there is nothing inside obstructing the flow of air. Then, at the performer’s command, the balloon deflates.

Aerostatic is an astonishing effect all on its own but is the perfect introduction trick for needle through balloon, or any number other balloon-based effects. Everything to perform this miracle you have right in your own home. In addition to Ritchy Flo’s basic effect, you’ll learn a special refinement from Dan Harlan that pushes this trick to the next level. Take control of the air we breathe with Aerostatic.

Penguin Magic would like to acknowledge Magura (Mutsuhiko Masubuchi) who has also independently created a similar effect using the same principle as Aerostatic.


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