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Rubber Band Mixtape By Dalton Wayne

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  Rubber bands have become a genre of magic all their own….



Rubber bands have become a genre of magic all their own. Create wild visuals with ordinary objects that your audience will love. Dalton Wayne has collected 4 amazing tricks along with some new ideas and concepts into The Rubber Band Mixtape.

Vanishing Band:
Make a rubber band melt through your fingers and then completely disappear only to reappear on your spectator’s shoulder.

Color Changing Band:
Wrap a rubber band twice around your fingers, and then watch it visually change color while still double wrapped around those same fingers.

Band Link:
Using two different colored rubber bands and only your mouth you can link the two rubber bands. No weird knots, or custom-molded gimmicks. You actually have to tear apart the rubber bands to unlink them.

Dalton teaches you how to make a simple gimmick that you’ll use to make a double looped rubber band visually appear wrapped around your wrist. This effect is perfect for your Instagram videos.

Dalton remixes sleight of hand and easy to make gimmicks in a fast pop art style that will give your rubber band magic extra flare. Everything in this download is easy to do, and the gimmicks are easy to make with materials you already have at home. Make rubber bands your jam with Dalton Wayne and The Rubber Band Mix Tape.


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