A 2-way triumph that happens first in your hands, then, even more impossibly, in your spectators’ hands!! Even works through video!

As performed by Luis De Matos and Penn & Teller on TV.

“Lacroix masks his method with super-smart misdirection. It’s perfect magical thinking.” – Penn & Teller

“Virtual Triumph is one of the coolest self-working card tricks I have ever seen. I actually ‘fooled myself’ the first time I did it! I will definitely be adding this to my next interactive online magic show!” – Cody S. Fisher

“Killer effect for virtual magic but also a great do as I do in person effect. Many variations and tips taught to fit any parameters.” – Ryan Shlutz

“I love this! Real magic that has power through a screen.” – Jon Armstrong

“A truly Amazing Triumph for the times!” – Terry Ward

Start learning and performing right away, even before your gimmicks arrive! Included in the instructions are a gimmickless version, as well as instructions on how to make your own gimmicks.

Imagine you’re on a video call…

1. You have a deck of cards and tell your friends to grab one too.

2. You shuffle some cards face-up into face-down creating an impossible mess and ask them to do the same.
The performer instantly and visually fixes his cards with a snap of the fingers.
…All card are facing down, except all four Aces!

3. And then this will happen too, miles away through the screen, in their hands!!!

Its not limited to the aces they can name any random four of a kind that they like and those will be the only four cards facing up!!!

Easy to do, Adrian Lacroix will explain all the details, tips and variations to perform it like a pro.

Gimmicks are included in your purchase, but also included is a gimmickless handling, plus instructions on how to make your own gimmicks with things that you already have at home. You can start performing the routine right now, don’t have to wait until the gimmicks arrives!!!

With Virtual Triumph you will amaze your audience on your virtual shows.

Turn your video calls into an unforgettable experience!!!

The perfect illusion to perform on facetime, skype, zoom, etc.

* TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact Adrian Lacroix for TV rights.

Nominee Partner Trick of the Year Penguin Magic Awards 2020
Nominee Trick of the Year Penguin Magic Awards 2020


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