A legend of Instagram teaches you the crazy visual sleight of hand that he uses to wreck lay people in the real world. You are about to palm, steal, and control cards in ways that are proven to blow minds. This is Triple Sleight Threat by Zee.

Reverse Cull:
A card is selected from the spread, confirmed to be in the middle, and yet the magician moves it to the bottom of the deck with no one the wiser. This move is one that Zee uses every day. Not only is it strong enough to withstand laypeople burning his hands, but this is also the one he uses to fool magicians.

Modified One-Handed Top Palm:
Take everything you’ve ever heard about the One-Handed Top Palm and throw it out the window. Zee’s unique approach to this move layers convincer on top of convincer. It’s amazing as a steal, and even better as a color change. This is the one that drops the jaws of pros.

Ascania In Jog:
Selection is pushed into a mess of cards which can then even be thrown onto the table. Despite these impossible conditions the card is accessible at any time. This sleight is one that you will adapt to your current routines to make them more deceptive than ever before.

Triple Sleight Threat is the kind of project that the move monkeys love and the magicians who want to level up their magic crave. These three sleights are challenging, but rewarding to learn. They drop into the routines you already do, and will transform your magic into miracles. Step your game up today with Triple Sleight Threat by Zee.


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