A full-time bartender from Las Vegas, Zach creates material for himself, and it needs to be bullet-proof.

“Completely took me by surprise! I thought I knew what was going on..” -Rick Lax

Zach Pattee, a full-time bartender magician from Las Vegas creates magic for himself, and it needs to be bullet-proof. It also needs to be streamlined, and VISUAL.

“Instant Transfer” proves that subtleties can make ALL the difference in a magic trick.

Here’s what happens: You hand your spectator a $5 bill and you hang on to a $20. As your $20 falls from your hand IT CHANGES IN MID-AIR to the $5 (HUGE magic moment #1), now the tension builds … and when your spectator opens her hand, THERE IS YOUR $20 (Huge magic moment #2) and the entire bar goes WILD!!!!!!!!!!!

If you already perform the classic trick 5-and-1 transpo, you’ll LOVE what Zach’s handling does to elevate it. If you’ve never performed the 5-and-1 transpo, you are going to LOVE this trick to death and carry it with you EVERYWHERE.

The best part is that there are no moving parts to wear out, no springs or elastics. The gimmick takes LITERALLY less than 5 minutes to make, and it will last a lifetime. In the off chance something happens to it (say for example YOU ACCIDENTALLY SPEND IT) then guess what? Five minutes and you can make yourself a new one.

Rick Lax was so excited we’re releasing this that he sent in a video from vacation. Check it out here, then look at trailer #2 for the trick itself.


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