This is an Instant Download with over 20 minutes of detailed instructions in a streaming / downloadable video, sent to you automatically immediately after purchase. You do not need to be tech savvy or use any special broadcasting tools to perform this effect.

The Only Card At Any Number



With A STUNNING Twist For Virtual Performances!


TOCAAN (Virtual Edition) is the ultimate Any Card At Any Number for your virtual show that will leave your audiences awestruck.


The Effect:
A deck is placed in FULL VIEW, isolated on the table – the camera NEVER moves or switches the entire time! The participant freely chooses ANY card from their OWN deck and names ANY position from 1-52. You pick up the deck, which has been ISOLATED on the table from the very start, and cleanly count facedown to the number named. Not only is the participant’s freely chosen card found BANG ON at that position, but EVERY other card in the deck is revealed to be BLANK!  It really is The Only Card At Any Number!Download today and take your virtual magic to the next level!


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