Thought Of Card At Thought Of Number

Semi-Automatic Weapons Chapter 8:

Dani DaOrtiz shares with you a stunning thought of card at thought of number that also serves as a lesson for anyone who wants to have total control while presenting absolute chaos. The trick begins with the spectator shuffling the deck. A card is shown to be openly placed on the table face down, and one spectator is told that this card will be theirs, but they will discover what the magician means later. A card is taken off the top, and a spectator randomly tosses that card in the middle of the pack. The deck is divided, and the top card of each pile is set aside. The deck is offered to many spectators who shuffle the deck even further. One of the spectators thinks of any number the way and then looks at the card in that position. The deck is reassembled. The cards on the table are turned face up. Two of the cards have their values added together, and the third card is blank. The number the spectator thought of is written on the blank card, and the complete total is added together. That number is dealt down in the deck, and impossibly the card the spectator thought of is in that position.

This lesson, just over 40 minutes in length, will teach you a series of powerful weapons that will allow you to gain mastery over key cards, thought of numbers, and give the appearance of a well shuffled deck. Key takeaways for the student include:

Control A Thought Of Number:
Dani has developed a systematic approach to having spectators think of numbers, remembering the card at that number, and then secretly locating that card with no one the wiser. You will not only learn how to discover the card they are thinking of, but have your spectators move the card to the exact position you want. This is a powerful tool for any card magician wanting to use a semi-automatic approach.

Key Card In The Distance:
Using a floating key card is a well-trod territory in magic, and Dani shares with you not only this principle but some incredible techniques and principles that make this even more deceptive than ever before. You’ll learn to give the appearance of a well-shuffled deck that contains a secret that gives you location information about thought of and selected cards.

Middle, Bottom, and Top:
This deceptive set of instructions gives your audience the illusion of turning the deck into chaos. The truth is that you are giving them very fair instructions that allow you to control the position of a card in a thought of position. It’s this type of thinking that Dani has used to baffle magicians all over the globe.

Lesson Eight of the Semi-Automatic Weapons series features incredible theory along with practical advice that creates miracles that are well within the skill level of almost any magician. These powerful principles are a glimpse inside the brilliant effects he uses to astonish audiences across the globe. You are about to become privy to the secrets that make the magic of Dani DaOrtiz so disarmingly devastating. It’s time to go to school with Dani DaOrtiz in the eighth lesson of The Semi-Automatic Weapons Project.


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