From Osterlind’s professional act, one of the most powerful mentalism demonstrations of all time. Convince your audiences that you can read minds

The Telephone Drama is a full multi-phase routine by the legendary Theodore Anneman that Richard Osterlind has continued to refine and update through decades of performance. This isn’t just a miracle routine, it’s also a fantastic introduction to working with “billets.”

What’s a billet? If you’re new to mentalism, a “billet” is just a little piece of paper. It’s french for “ticket”. Mentalists often have people write things down on pieces of paper and for historical reasons, we still call them billets.

“Billet work” is a sub-genre of mentalism where the performer demonstrates astonishing feats of mind- reading while maintaining a minimalist style. Using just a few slips of paper and a pencil the performer can have the audience write down names, dates, and thoughts only for them to be revealed in increasingly dramatic ways.

What makes The Telephone Drama so valuable is not just the methods themselves. A full performance of Richard Osterlind in front of a live audience accompanied by a breakdown of the routine teaches you the choreography and routine structure so that you can add the incredibly powerful tool of billet switches to your own repertoire.


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