A powerful, professional, closed-envelope prediction perfect for opening your show, closing your show and even close-up!

“It scares me how good he is.” –Shin Lim

No longer are you just revealing one word, you’re now having a sealed envelope thoroughly examined before you go on to reveal a multitude of choices that there is apparently no way you could’ve known in advance.

The ability to predict or psychologically manipulate people and future events is one of the most fascinating to an audience.

This release will teach you both my approach to headline predictions (which can be used as an end of show prediction) as well as my infamous opener allowing you to seemingly influence the freely named words by random audience members*.

If you’ve read ‘Divine’ you’ve seen where this routine started. Now let me show you exactly where I’ve taken it. I’ve elevated the concept to a grand stage performance piece.

If you are looking for a strong opening to your show, or an affordable and efficient closing to your show, look no further. These routines have bookended a number of my public shows and their presentations are entirely malleable.

*Whilst this method is a variation of my routine ‘Devil-May-Care Prediction’ from my book ‘Divine’, I still want to credit Bruce Bernstein as the original inspiration to this. Whilst his method is different, it is still the initial point on the map that set me along this path.


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